TALL ORDER is a Napa-based rock band fronted by two women who bring a funky edge to memorable songs by artists ranging from Etta James to Pink.

The combination of ​each band member is more powerful than the individuals​; we are tight in music and in friendship, and ​our performances reflect​s​ this commitment! Our love of playing music together translates into a fun show brimming with energy and a deep respect for great, modern music. 


Lead Vocals

Fronting bands since the age of 20, Robin's performed throughout the SF Bay Area, singing Rock, Country Western and Delta Blues. She’s worked on stage and in studio with Sam Andrews of Big Brother & the Holding Company, and has held the lead vocalist role in over a dozen bands spanning her 3 decade career.  To support and train her voice she’s studied opera, jazz and pop, including sessions with Bay Area coaches and vocalists, Pamela Polland and Maye Cavallaro. 


When Robin’s not singing she’s hosting women’s circles focused on community wellness, and volunteering. Her favorite leisure activity involves hitting the open road in a travel trailer, and living the RV life with her husband and little white dog. 


Lead Vocals and Guitar

Linda is a song-carrier and has written over 100 songs with over 40 published songs in the folk, gospel, blues and spiritual genre. She is an improviser and leads and guides groups in circle singing and vocal improvisation. She writes music for film and other special projects/events/ceremonies. She has a passion for creating music in the moment, mixing up the ingredients of song. A child of the '60s she was raised on rock 'n' roll and loves bringing it for and with Tall Order! 

A California native and world traveller, she has sung in Spanish and Italian. Her first guitar was a Stella, which she grabbed off of the wall on a childhood cabin in Tahoe and learned to play. She remembers it was just a wall ornament and its strings were rusty, old and crappy. But, she was in love with music and it was great for toughening up her tender fingers and her determination.


Guitar and Vocals

Brent has been performing in Bay Area venues for decades, and has played with some of California's top musicians since he started playing guitar at 13.  He has shared the stage with Jeff Watson (Nightranger) and David Jenkins (Pablo Cruise and Southern Pacific); he's headlined at clubs such as Eli's Mile High Club, Mill Valley's Sweetwater, and Club Med Ixtapa Mexico.  He writes, sings and contributes as the band’s musical director.  


On those rare occasions when he isn't playing guitar, Brent can be found cycling the roads of the North Bay or hiking the coast or the hills with his wife and his big dog.  If he isn't there, he's likely traveling in some exotic locale.


Bass and Vocals

Bill picked up the bass while in high school and regularly jammed with friends to help him survive a 23 year career at Intel and raising three children.  Following a move to Napa in 2001, he started a second career as a charter school principal and joined some “real bands”.  


Now happily retired, Bill brings his expressive touch to lay down the groove for Tall Order.



Adam started drumming in the fourth grade and has been making noise ever since. Today, he is a husband, father and creative director/consultant for various Fortune 500 corporations. His ear is always to the ground for new, cool bands, and he brings us much of the material we cover. 


Keys and Guitar

Vidya took classical piano lessons as a child and drifted toward the guitar as a young adult. She's played in bands in the East Bay and Napa, and she’s kicking off 2020 by joining TALL ORDER.


Vidya's also a bit of a tech geek and has a day job working for a popular Napa winery, as web manager.



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